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CFA Membership Benefits: Contractors

"I'm the proud owner of MPW Construction Services in Cleveland, OH. For over three decades, our affiliation with the CFA has proven to be an invaluable asset. The wealth of networking opportunities and technical advice we've garnered from fellow members has been instrumental in the success of our projects.

A standout moment occurred in 2015 during a $120,000 foundation construction in winter. The project specifications ruled out calcium chloride, a standard component in winter concrete. When complications arose, jeopardizing payment and threatening legal action, I turned to Jim, the Executive Director, and other CFA members for assistance. In a mere hour and a half, we uncovered the root cause – calcium chloride ions in city water, not our actions. Armed with this insight, we presented compelling evidence, securing full payment and sidestepping a lawsuit.

This incident alone justified our annual CFA membership fee. The CFA isn't just a cost; it's an investment that continually pays dividends in technical expertise and networking opportunities. To those hesitating, I say reconsider; the energy and money invested return manifold in stress reduction, time saved, and enhanced business focus. The CFA has been an indispensable partner in our success, and I wholeheartedly endorse its value."

William Sean Smith
Vice President
MPW Construction Services, Inc.

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Concrete contractors stand to gain numerous advantages by joining the Concrete Foundations Association (CFA). This commitment to excellence in the concrete construction industry translates into tangible benefits for members. Membership offers connections to national and local associates, tailoring support and resources to specific needs and locations. Access to essential products and services, often with exclusive member deals, aids in streamlining operations and improving project outcomes. Engagement with Association staff and the diversity of members delivers a ready toolbox to explore and leverage the complex needs of today’s concrete construction company.

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Annual Dues - Contractors

Annual dues for Contractor members are $1,300. Firm membership extends 12 months from join date and includes all office/branch locations.