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The Concrete Foundations Association (CFA) was formed in 1975 to serve the interests of poured wall contractors. As an international nonprofit trade association with a diverse membership spread throughout the United States and Canada, maintains a network that permits individuals with needs and interests to seek advice and professional experience while curating forums where contractors exchange ideas and gain insight for technological and practice advancements.



The mission of the Concrete Foundations Association (CFA) is to to support the cast-in-place contractor as the voice and recognized authority for the residential concrete industry.


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CFA membership is organizational based and features companies that combine experience, expert service and commitment to quality you can depend on for your cast-in-place concrete needs.

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The work of the Concrete Foundations Association is best represented by a comprehensive list of benefits, resources and platforms. While each one may be of greater value to one company or individual than another, this work can best be summarized under two core guiding principles or objectives.

The first, is that a network exists on the basis that together companies find a more effective atmosphere for transformation, evolution, transition or growth to constantly be striving to find the best versions of themselves.

The second, is that we provide opportunities and resources to assist in improving the market, the quality of the concrete product, and the important relationships within respective regions.

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The Concrete Foundations Association features a network of informed companies committed to fostering the strongest and most effective business environment to support the cast-in-place concrete industry. CFA members are continuously exposed to state-of-the-art technology, safety, best practices and standards that bring value to every project and ensure success.


Use the CFA Member Directory to search by types of services offered, location and more. Members have the ability to search by numerous business practices, characteristics and other key demographics.

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The Concrete Foundations Association offers to certification programs for the residential concrete foundation industry. The first is a joint program with the American Concrete Institute (ACI) for individuals, and the second is a company certification program for concrete foundation companies.


The goal of the CFA Company Certification Program is to establish a constant in the industry for evaluating performance credentials and verifying to owners, specifiers, builders and building departments through an assurance program measuring experience, quality and performance for cast-in-place concrete contractors.

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The Residential Concrete Foundation Technician Certification Program is a collaborative effort of the American Concrete Institute (ACI) and the CFA. Originated by the CFA in 2007 to harmonize regional efforts for evaluating concrete contractors, certification is achieved by passing an open book, written exam covering the critical standards and best practice documents.

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Each year, CFA honors those organizations, people, and projects that exemplify the quality, mission and vision established by the Association for the cast-in-place concrete industry.