Foundation Industry Demographics

A primary benefit of any network is the access to knowledge. This Association allows companies to share commonalities as well as form relationships with those of interest or growth potential. In general, the more an association knows about its members and the broader industry, the better it can serve them. Likewise, the more members know about each other, the quicker they can make connections to learn from one another. Therefore, a new resource was designed by the Board of Directors and implemented beginning in 2021. Introduced as Member Demographics, this internal form of benchmarking allows members to describe and maintain their business, their systems and their markets. This resource builds on the original goal to bring together ways of reaching out to those who are in the trenches, doing business along side of you, fully understanding your struggles or needs.

  • If you have any questions, please contact the CFA at (319) 895-6940.

Demographics and Examples

Ahead of formal benchmarking, information on concrete contracting businesses has been collected initially using a survey method, optional for members. This can be accessed by the primary contact for your organization through the Login here or member portal with your CFAid. CFA encourages all member companies to take part. With knowledge of the categories listed here, it can be quick and easy to do!

  • Markets served
  • Type of work performed
  • Number of Employees
  • Annual Revenue
  • Satellite companies/operations
  • Major equipment owned
  • Business areas using software packages
  • Accounting Software Packages or Apps Used
  • CAD Plans & Job Info Software
  • Dispatching Software Packages or Apps
  • Fleet Management Software Packages or Apps
  • Human Resources Software Packages or Apps
  • Job Costing-Estimating Software Packages or Apps
  • Number of Foundations per year
  • Project Management Software Packages or Apps
  • Scheduling Software Packages or Apps
  • Social Media-Internet Platforms Used
  • Time Keeping Software Packages or Apps


Here are some examples of how to use the demographic results to your benefit:

You’re interested in expanding into waterproofing. You can search some of your CFA contacts to see if they do waterproofing and reach out for guidance.

Your goal is to scale your business to $10 million. You can seach through some of your CFA contacts to see who has annual revenue in that range and reach out with some growth questions.

You’re researching Autodesk software and want some opinions from those who use it. You can search through some of your CFA contacts to see who uses this software and reach out to them with questions.

We invite you to complete the information on this survey and CFA Staff will assist in setting up your company record with the relevant information. Not a member? We invite you to complete the information regardless. We will offer you a summary report to let you know how your responses align with the collection of this resource and maintain it for a time when you might access the Demographics as a member.

Take the survey here.