Cyber Roundtable

The Concrete Foundations Association has offered a technical hotline to its members for nearly two decades. Originally an email-based communication system, a transition to a cyber roundtable took place in 2020 to offer background access to conversations as part of an education legacy. This system also looks forward to the needs of a growing membership and more regular access. Today, Cyber Roundtable is a platform where you can post a technical question, submit a material request for supply challenges or, look for advice on business management, human resources, or even interact about financial matters. Members can receive notifications for new posts and follow-up comments as well as seeing posted questions. Then, with relevant content or follow-up interest, any member can chime in with responses. The information is logged and saved so you can read through past archived material to see if any currently pertain to you.

Cyber Roundtable is a members-only resource that exists within the member portal information framework accessed with your CFAid. Sign in with your email and password combination registered with the Association. If you are new to the system or not sure if you have received your CFAid information or accessed the site before, you will have an option to enter your information and receive an email with next steps.

A primary reason companies join an association is access to thought leadership for an increasing number of answers and the Cyber Roundtable is just another example of a resource prepared for you.

Topics and Examples

Cyber Roundtable is a discussion board framework configured with three main topics; Business Practice, Material & Supply, and Troubleshooting Q&A. Within these main topics can be found discussion on such areas of interest as:

  • Concrete - Toolbox Talks
  • PT Slab Foundation Cracking
  • Onsite Training/Discussions
  • Brick-Faced Pattern Forms
  • Slab Rising
  • Form Theft
  • Fiber in Slabs
  • Heated Concrete Driveways
  • Concrete Floor Protection
  • Patching Wall Ties
  • Cripple Wall Detailing
  • Window Bucks for Curved Walls
  • Curing Blankets
  • Owner Liability Clauses
  • Liners for Forms
  • Radiant Heated Topping Slabs
  • Finding the Right Employees
  • Eliminating Shrinkage
  • Winter Concrete
  • Commercial Deep Foundations
  • Bug Hole Repairs

Example Content

Forum: Technical Hotline
Thread: Tall Basement Wall Pours

Topic offered by Mike Hancock on 10/8/2008:
Anybody poured a 24' tall basement wall recently. I have one to pour under a garage with a basketball court. I'll take any advise to keep from having problems.

Reply by Jim Bartley on 10/9/2008:
We pour them around here. Up to 20’ with handset, up to 28’ with BEP forms. We pour the bottom in 2’ lifts and then 12” lifts as we get higher. We use a vibrator. Take your time and make sure the lifts have time to set so that your head pressure is minimized. The wider the wall the better. It’s easier to pour lifts slower.

Reply by Matt Menke on 10/9/2008
Talk to your form supplier and get a recommendation on tie placement.

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