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Golden Tie Award

The Golden Tie Award is a highly anticipated and prestigious annual recognition within the Concrete Foundation Association (CFA). It is bestowed upon a company that has demonstrated an exceptional dedication to and success in the promotion of membership development throughout the course of the year.

The annual nature of this award underscores its significance, as it acknowledges not just a single accomplishment but a sustained and ongoing effort. It's a testament to the recipient's unwavering commitment and tireless endeavors to foster growth, engagement, and a strong sense of community within the CFA.

Companies that receive the Golden Tie Award exemplify the core principle that consistent and strategic membership development is essential for the vitality and progress of the concrete foundation industry. They serve as trailblazers in driving the CFA's mission, year after year, to unite professionals, share knowledge, and advance the standards and practices of the field.

The annual presentation of the Golden Tie Award serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of continuous and dynamic membership development. It encourages companies to maintain their dedication to this vital aspect of the association's mission and keeps the industry moving forward through a network of active, engaged, and innovative members. In doing so, the Golden Tie Award not only honors the past year's achievements but also inspires and motivates future endeavors in membership development. It is a beacon of excellence that illuminates the path toward a brighter and stronger future for the CFA and the concrete foundation community as a whole.

For more information on participating in vying for CFA’s Golden Tie Award, please contact Skye Kelley at skelley@cfaconcretepros.org.

Previous winners of the Golden Tie Award include:


Western Forms
Kansas City, Missouri

Photo of Western Forms staff

Above: Receiving the inaugural Golden Tie Award during CFACON23 in San Antonio, TX Western Forms representatives get a photo opp with CFA Staff. Pictured left to right: Tyler Resetar, Jim Aylward, Skye Kelley (CFA Staff), Chris Ward, Jim Baty (CFA Staff) and Even Resetar.