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One of the most important parts of any business is establishing the boundaries between management and employees that protect both in times of discipline. The policy manual is the tool used to provide prospective employees with the picture of expectations by the employer, as well as maintaining an ongoing and effectively positive relationship. 

Employee manuals are often difficult to write and they can become choked with good intent that lingers into weak and challenging implementations. Although it is important for employers to maintain succinct policies, they do need to be as complete and thorough as possible in order to establish both boundary and consequence.

The Concrete Foundations Association has partnered with employer law expert and attorney, David Whitlock, to create an opportunity for its members to improve their structured employee manuals (or establish one where they might be non-existent). This effort is designed to continue the professional improvement of each and every organization in membership with the Association and help the collective structure evolve a more comprehensive approach to managing concrete contracting companies.

In order to facilitate this evolution, Mr. Whitlock and the CFA have partnered to make available to each Association member, a basic employee manual consisting of the topics found in the Table of Contents on the following page. This manual is a generic manual that can/should be edited for your specific interests and conditions. The manual is put together for your specific state and ultimately should be reviewed by legal counsel. Only Association members have access to this handbook kit. It can be purchased through the CFA for your exclusive rate of $750, at which time you will also be connected to Mr. Whitlock and his preferred CFA member flat rate of $300/hr for any customization and/or legal counsel review and finishing.

This handbook will save countless staff hours researching and assembling the essential components of a successful and detailed Employee Handbook that will protect your company in issues of employment as well as communicating your position as an employer to prospective employees.

This manual can be the sound foundation for a company to jump to a higher level of preparation and performance with their staff or it can be an excellent tool to streamline or upgrade their existing workforce policies.

Typical Table of Contents

Introduction Alcohol & Drug Policy
Welcome Statement Bulletin Boards***
Description of Handbook Changes in Personnel Records
Employment Relationship - Let’s Communicate Computers, E-Mail, Voice Mail, and the Internet
Employee Relations Philosophy Conduct & Employment Outside Work
If You Have A Problem Confidentiality
Alternative Dispute Resolution Program Conflict of Interest
What You Can Expect from Us Courtesy
Equal Employment Opportunity Employer Damage to Property
Introductory Period Facsimile and Copy Machines
Policy Against Harassment Fighting, Threats or Weapons
Employee Classification Fraud, Dishonesty or False Statements
Work Schedule Gambling
Company Benefits Gifts and Gratuities
Your Pay Hazardous or Toxic Materials
Business Expense Reimbursement Insubordination
Holidays Operation of Vehicles
Paid Vacation Outside Inquiries Concerning Employees
Medical Insurance Overtime
Social Security Personal Appearance and Behavior
Worker’s Compensation Insurance Personal Mail
Consolidated Omnibus Budget Social Media Policy
Reconciliation Act (Cobra) Relationships at Work
401(K) Plan*** Salary Advances/Loans
IRS Section 125 -- Cafeteria Plan*** Searches and Inspections
Profit Sharing*** Smoking Policy
Suggestion Program Solicitation and Distribution of Literature
Training and Educational Assistance Timekeeping Procedures
Civic Duties Unauthorized Interviews
Sick Leave*** Visitors
Personal Leaves of Absence Workplace Violence
Family and Medical Leave Act Policy Notice of Resignation
Bereavement Leave Exit Interview
Military Leave of Absence To Sum It All Up
What We Expect of You Employee Acknowledgment and Agreement
Rules to Protect Us All
Absenteeism and Tardiness

Some companies will find that with this basic manual they are ready to update and improve their skilled approach to managing their workforce expectations. However, others will find it necessary to work directly with a specialist to fine tune their policies and perhaps take a bit more of a custom approach. For these companies, CFA has also created an opportunity with David Whitlock for a one-to-one relationship at an exceptional rate as a CFA member. Where companies can dump thousands of dollars into a custom employee manual development process, CFA members will have access to one of the industry’s foremost experts at an attractive rate.

Use the button below to obtain a sample policy from the Employee Handbook Kit.

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For more information on this employee manual kit, contact CFA Headquarters at (866) 232-9255, or send email to Executive Director, James Baty at jbaty@cfaconcretepros.org