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CFA Leadership

The CFA Board of Directors oversee the development and maintenance of programs geared towards advancing the use of poured concrete foundation construction and betterment of the companies found in membership. This delivers the missional focus for the industry while maintaining commitment to the dedicated structure of companies supporting the Association, to serve as the voice and recognized authority for cast-in-place contractor to the residential concrete industry.

Individuals are elected to the Board of Directors by the membership according to the Association by-laws for staggered terms consisting of 3 years each. The Board is presently represented by three dedicated representatives from the class of membership known as National Associates, companies that manufacture and/or distribute products and technologies to the broad market.

The Board of Directors is managed by five officers consisting of the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and Chairman working with the Executive Director to maintain the intentional programming and direction. These officers and the entire Board consists of the following individuals:

Board of Directors

Photo of Amanda Kurt

Amanda Kurt


Kurk Concrete, Inc.
Union Grove, Wisconsin

Photo of Mr. Cole Beaudin

Mr. Cole Beaudin


Perma-Structo, Inc.
Sturtevant, Wisconsin

Photo of Doug Herbert

Doug Herbert


Herbert Construction Company
Marietta, Georgia

Photo of Jason M. Ells

Jason M. Ells


Custom Concrete Company, Inc.
Westfield, Indiana

Photo of Jeff O'Risky

Jeff O'Risky


O'Risky Excavating
Evansville, Indiana

Photo of John Paesano

John Paesano


White Cap
Norcross, Georgia

Photo of Ken Kurszewski

Ken Kurszewski


Hottmann Construction Company, Inc.
Dane, Wisconsin

Photo of Michael Pereira

Michael Pereira


J. M. Pereira & Sons, Inc.
Langhorne, Pennsylvania

Photo of Russ Talpey

Russ Talpey


Talpey Construction LLC
Old Saybrook, Connecticut

Photo of Ryan Thornock

Ryan Thornock


RockWell, Inc.
Springville, Utah

Photo of Scott W. Renfroe

Scott W. Renfroe


Foundation Builders, Inc.
Greeley, Colorado

Photo of Scott Carter

Scott Carter


Robotic Surveying Solutions
Kaysville, Utah

Photo of Sean Smith

Sean Smith

Vice President

MPW Construction Services
Wellington, Ohio

Photo of Tim C. Ball

Tim C. Ball


BP Walls Inc. DBA TCB Walls
West Melbourne, Florida

Photo of Nate Jordan

Nate Jordan


Stephens & Smith Construction Co Omaha
Omaha, Nebraska

Photo of Johnny Zamora

Johnny Zamora


Houston, Texas

Photo of Mike Bromley

Mike Bromley


ABI Corporation
Lees Summit, Missouri

Photo of Tim Spangler

Tim Spangler

Edgewood Enterprises LLC dba Beaver Concrete Construction
Chambersburg, Pennsylvania

Photo of Stephen Manfredo

Stephen Manfredo

Marone Contractors Inc.
West Deptford, New Jersey

Photo of Evan Resetar

Evan Resetar

Western Forms
Kansas City, Missouri

Photo of Ryan Menzel

Ryan Menzel


Doggett Concrete Construction
Charlotte, North Carolina