The Concrete Foundations Association (CFA) is the national advocate, informant, educator and provider of everything that companies in your field of work desire. The Association is an established and experienced network of professional companies that serve each other’s needs and set forth development to meet and resolve the many risks and opportunities of the second largest market for Portland cement in the country.

Your participation in the CFA defines your company as a thought leader and demonstrates your support for evolution and development of this industry. Each investment in the greater good speaks about your company’s values. Your involvement speaks to your experience and passion in this field. Through active participation, your company will discover time and money saving tips, make invaluable connections with the industry’s top professionals and find the monies you invest in the CFA generating far more value than any single company can achieve.

Our most valuable resource is the network of individuals, like you and your team who understands your business, your pressures, and your needs. When you’re part of CFA, you’re plugged into a large network of concrete industry professionals throughout North America. As you know in any business, it’s not always what you know, it’s who you know. This is why we put such a focus on finding ways to connect our contractor members so they can create relationships digitally and then network in person during events (like our WOC event you attended). It’s a huge relief having a plethora of individuals around you in times of need to help problem solve. We’re all in this together!

We look forward to serving you. Welcome to the Concrete Foundations Association!

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Prefer discovering the value and benefits of membership off-line? Want something to share with a prospective member? Download the Concrete Foundations Association Member Prospectus, a more detailed overview of the resources, benefits and suggested progress through CFA membership including sections on the mission of the CFA, connecting with the CFA members and staff, getting involved, taking advantage of benefits, and how to join.

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